Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Happy (insert holiday of your choice)!"

I thoroughly enjoy my part-time job. I work at a Hallmark store at a local mall. My co-workers are fun, I get to help people pick out gifts and cards, and I get a discount. Not bad. I also enjoy chatting it up with customers. We have a bunch of "regulars" that come in and like to talk.

We also get some weirdos. I love weird people. I love to watch them and to ponder on what it is that makes them so peculiar. But there are two kinds of weird.

There are the harmless weirdos. This would be the 70 year old woman that comes in and tells me about the stuffed animal she bought, named Chloe, and sleeps with every night and then goes on to explain that she enjoys watching tv with her numerous cats. This is also "weird whistling man" who comes in every Saturday at the same time and just walks around the store whistling the same tune. Harmless weirdos are great. They are fun and make life much more interesting.

Then there are WEIRDO'S. I use all caps because I really don't have one word to categorize them. This type of weirdo is the one who comes in during holidays and likes to wish everyone a "Happy _______" in a tone that insinuates that if someone does not celebrate this 'said holiday', they are a complete and utter moron. The sad part is, this sort of weirdo is usually a Christian.


I am a Christian. I believe in God. I think J.C. is the man. All of that. It's not good that these people are freaking ME out....what would someone that doesn't believe in God think? Let me help you...they would think, "This person is a judgemental, close-minded WEIRDO."

Joyce Meyer talks about this a little in one of her devotionals. She addresses the fact that a lot of us (Christians) like to have our fish sticker thingies and what not to make sure people can identify us as a believer...but do we then go out and make sure we are 'acting' like Jesus would? And when I say acting like Jesus, I mean are we loving people without judgement or reservation? We should be identifed that way.

Maybe we should keep our 'Happy Blah Blah Blah's' to ourselves and stop freakin' people out. :)