Saturday, February 20, 2010

Africa Bound!

Africa is getting closer. I can't believe I am going to be there for almost two weeks. I have never been on a missions trip so I am gearing up to go and see what God is planning to do in my heart. I'm sure it's nothing less than amazing....

There are two things I would really like to get out of the trip:

1. To be completely and utterly humbled


2. To show God's love

simple goals...yet I expect amazing and complex outcomes

With that said, I would like to keep updates on what's going on with the trip. Here is my to-do list as of now:

-raise 1,700 more dollars! (little nervous about that one)

-fill a suitcase with t-shirts for my Kenyan friends

-get a passport (ASAP)

-fill a bunch of other suitcases with supplies that my Kenya friends may need

-learn a little Swahili!

As this trip gets closer and closer it's almost impossible to believe that God is giving me this opportunity. I don't think I'll believe it until I've landed in Kenya (cool thing--I had a dream about that very thing happening the other night!)

So..I'll stay updated on that good old to-do list and how my heart is gearing up for this trip.

For now...kwa heri. (goodbye in Swahili)


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