Sunday, February 21, 2010


Heard about a really cool organization. Help-Portrait. A photographer started an event by just asking his fellow photographer friends to help him take pictures of people in need. This idea spread so quickly, that it reached places across the world like France, South Korea, Germany, and name a few.

I had the privilege of hearing this man speak today and he said that his main goal in taking these professional (and beautiful, might I add) shots of these people is to help them to realize how very special they are.

Volunteers helped to get these people ready for the photos (clothes, hair, makeup) and then they were treated like stars with their very own photo shoot.

A few stories he shared included a man who had only had his picture taken once...when he went to jail. A man and his son who were separated because of problems with alcohol and drugs were reunited to get a photo together. A single mother and her two children got their very first family portrait.

One person who had their picture taken wrote on the website:

"Receiving a gift is like getting a rare gemstone; any way you look at it you see the beauty refracted." --Proverbs 17:8

The Help-Portrait photographers that showcased their God-given talents at the Nashville Rescue Mission ARE those rare gems. They captured the inner light of many who have felt broken, worthless, unattractive, unloved and under-appreciated"

They are doing another event soon. If you'd like to get involved..check out their website

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